Wide Application Of Silicone Products In The Medical Industry

In the past 20 years, the global silicone rubber products have developed rapidly at a rate of more than 15% per year. At present, the global silicone rubber market has reached 6 billion US dollars. After decades of clinical application, silicone rubber has been recognized by the medical community. , the application is more and more extensive, many large companies regard medical silicone rubber as the main goal of development, and medical silicone rubber has made great progress.

Some people may be curious, what is the purpose of medical silicone?

In fact, silicone products are widely used in the medical industry in various fields such as brain surgery, ENT, thoracic surgery, abdominal surgery, internal medicine, urology, orthopedics and plastic surgery, such as artificial skull, artificial nose bridge, gastric tube, artificial Peritoneum, artificial knuckles, artificial skin, soft tissue expanders, artificial breasts, etc. Secondly, silicone products can also be used to make artificial heart valves, artificial lungs, bone adhesives, artificial skin, burn dressings, pacemaker insulation, sutures, various splints, catheters, grafts, trachea, teeth Branch materials, insert materials, family planning supplies, etc., are widely used.

Devices that come into contact with human skin:

(1) Respiratory mask: especially the mask that needs to be worn for a long time.

(2) Wound care: Silicone gel is more skin-friendly and breathable, and will not cause secondary damage to the wound. Therefore, Momentive Silicone Gel is an excellent choice for foam applications, scar patches, etc.

(3) Instrument handle: For medical instruments that need to be grasped, such as surgical knives, a soft and non-slip handle is a must.

Devices that come into contact with human orifices:

Laryngeal mask: In contact with the trachea, the silicone is soft and strong to keep the airway open.

Catheter: Silicone support produces a soft tube body, as well as a high tensile strength balloon.

Gastric tube: suitable hardness, silicone gastric tube is a good choice for patients.

Devices that come into contact with human blood and body fluids:

The catheter of the infusion device: such as the peristaltic pump tube of the infusion pump, the outer tube of the insertion type catheter.

Parts of infusion equipment: such as rubber plugs for needleless connectors, O-rings for kidney dialysis filters, etc.

Rubber plugs and hemostatic valves in various medical consumables that come into contact with medicinal liquids.

In addition, medical silicone rubber has a wide range of applications, from contact lenses to wearable medical testing equipment, from biopharmaceuticals to vaccine research and development, all of which are areas where silicone can be widely used.

Characteristics of silica gel

Well, here comes the question. We all know that medical safety is very important, and we should not be sloppy at all. Silicone products are so favored by the medical industry, are there any remarkable characteristics? Next, Zhengan Silicone Technology Co., Ltd. will introduce the characteristics of silica gel to you.

1. Silicone rubber is a kind of medical material with good performance. Its material cost is relatively low, its practicability is high, it is not prone to rejection, and it will not be harmful to the human body. The blood vessels are glued up!


2. Silicone products have good medical properties, colorless, non-toxic, high-temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, flexibility, and high transparency. Through silicone products, bad medical problems can be solved and the medical effect of patients can be satisfied!

3. Silicone products have coagulation properties; toxicity test results meet medical requirements; good biocompatibility in clinical applications, no distorting effects, no allergic reactions; excellent toughness and elasticity, good processing performance, and various processing methods, it is a good choice for production. The material of choice for various medical elastomer products; it has excellent abrasion resistance, soft-touch, moisture resistance, and resistance to a variety of chemicals.

In this way, silicone products have so many advantages, which can really promote the development of the medical industry and make a lot of contributions to people. If you want to know more about silica gel and have a demand for silica gel, you are welcome to consult Zhengan Silicone Technology Co., Ltd. and look forward to your visit!