Genvan Silicone attends the Honai International Maternity, Baby & Kids Fair

In September 2023, the international maternity, baby & kids fair was launched in Hanoi Vietnam. Genvan silicone brought a variety of silicone rubber materials for mother and child products to the exhibition with high specifications and specialized exhibition requirements, and actively embraced the terminal requirements, popular science raw material knowledge, enhance professional cognition, and promote the company's brand, which brought a strong response to the terminal customers participating in the exhibition.


The maternal and infant silicone materials exhibited by Genvan this time include high transparency series, pacifier series in line with European standards, None post-curing series, antibacterial series, etc. From the perspective of improving the safety, health, practicality, manufacturing process feasibility and other aspects of baby silicone products, detailed answers and demonstrations were given to customers.


In the future, Genvan will provide more sophisticated silicone rubber materials for the production of maternal and child products in overseas market.