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    As the design trend of such equipment undergoes miniaturization, the excellent transparency or the high thermal conductivity properties and low hardness that our elastomer can offer become increasingly crucial to the success of equipment reliability and performance. If the right material doesn't exist already, we may be able to custom compound a solution to meet your application's precise demands.
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    When the human body requires support to boost the healing process, it is essential that the materials employed meet the highest quality requirements. Pure silicones meet these demands and are therefore vital for the field of medicine. Their extraordinary properties make them ideal for highly sensitive health care applications.
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    Genvan's silicone products are easy to process and generally maintain their elastomeric properties in extreme hot and cold environments, offer excellent dielectric properties, resist weathering, and offer a low compression set.
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    With the rapid development of integration technology and assembly technology, electronic components and integrated circuits are developing towards lighter, thinner and smaller. While the calorific value increases, materials with higher resistance to high bottom temperature and more stable insulation performance are needed to remove the heat generated by electronic equipment.
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    Domestic Products
    Silicone rubber products have good processing performance and environmental safety, which makes them have a great application space and can be seen everywhere in our lives.
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High-temperature vulcanized (HTV) silicone rubber means that the polysiloxane with high molecular weight, mixed with vulcanizer, reinforcing filler, and other additives, is vulcanized into various kinds of products at high temperature (110-170℃) by compression molding or extrusion molding.
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Genvan silicones, established in Jan.2008, is specialized in the research, development, production, and sales of silicone rubbers. Shenzhen Genevan Silicone Materials Co., Ltd is located in Pingshan District of Shenzhen City which has 8000MT capacity of Heat Cure Rubber, Dongguan Genvan Silicone Technology Co., Ltd and Dongguan Zhengqi Silicone Technology Co., Ltd are located in Hengli Town of Dongguan City which has 20000MT capacity of High-Temperature Vulcanized Rubber(HTV) and 5000MT capacity of Liquid Silicone Rubber(LSR). Our company has many technical experts, marketing and management specialists and has served hundreds of customers.

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