Silicone Household Products

Silicone products are harmless to the human body, resistant to steaming, non-toxic, green and environmentally friendly, and very practical. 

Application of silica gel products in daily life:

Silicone household products are items designed for use in domestic settings that are made using silicone rubber production processes. Silicone rubber production involves the manufacturing of silicone-based materials that possess desirable properties for household applications.

1. Silicone household products: Silicone spoons, silicone heat-proof placemats, and silicone rice bowls.

2. 3C silicone products: mobile phone silicone cover, flat silicone protective cover.

3. Silicone mother and baby products: Silicone nipple, Silicone saliva pocket, Silicone gutta-percha, Silicone bottle and other household products with liquid silicone.

Household Products With Liquid Silicone