What Are the Applications and Functions of Silicone Rubber Products in the Automotive Industry?

When it comes to cars, it is estimated that people nowadays should have seen them all. Many people should have owned at least one car before. Of course, there are many kinds of cars, usually our common cars. But do we know a lot about car technology? What is its principle? How is the structure? What are the main components? What kinds of things? Today GENVAN will mainly talk about one of the accessories made of automobiles: car rubber parts.

1. Car rubber products: multi-function steering wheel buttons, window buttons

Many cars now have this function, and it is also the most commonly used/common thing. Many people may say that this is a plastic button. In fact, it is wrong to answer the plastic part, because it will not be elastic. The silicone button is under the plastic part. Silicone has a corresponding elasticity, and the weight of the elasticity needs to be calculated. The elastic force of each car may be different, but the function is the same, and the buttons are used to operate certain functions on the car.

2. Car rubber products: oil seals, silicone seals

There are many rubber seals and rings in the car. It is common for our car to be maintained after driving for a period of time or a few kilometers. Should the maintenance personnel jack up the car and unscrew the oil tank to drain the old oil? Why does the engine oil not leak out inside? It is because there is a silicone waterproof seal ring inside. Of course, there are also silicone rubber seals and rings in other places, such as the glass water tank, the power booster tank, the inside of the steering wheel, and the engine. They are rarely seen. Although they are in different "posts", their functions are basically the same, and they are all used for oil-proof, waterproof, leak-proof and other sealing functions.

3. Car rubber products: automotive sealing strips

I wonder if you have noticed the black circle (there are also other colors) that we can see when the car door is opened. This is the car rubber seal. The door is the most common place we see, and there are other places, such as: car windows, seats, sunroofs, trunks, etc. Their functions are generally reflected in: sound insulation, noise reduction, waterproof, dustproof, shock absorption, etc. Automotive sealing strips have the advantages of good elasticity, compression deformation resistance, and aging resistance.

4. Car rubber products: silicone tube

Everyone must know and understand this. Gasoline and diesel cars have oil circuits, and glass water has water pipes. All need a car silicone tube to transmit oil and water. The amount used by ordinary cars is not the same, but the same thing is the same. The silicone tube is not a big part for the whole car, but it is still very important whether it is important or not, if it is damaged (common damage is what we call the bottom of the car), repairing and replacing it is quite troublesome, so we must cherish our car.