High Resilience Fumed Silicone Rubber

GA-30*3 series resilient rubbers have good resilience, small deformation, and excellent processability; products in contact with food need to do the two-process treatment at 200℃ 4hours. Genvan silicones provides high-quality resilient rubber for you. If you take interest in elastic silicone rubber wholesale, please feel free to contact us, and we will offer you premium elastic silicone rubber.
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Features of High Resilience Fumed Silicone Rubber

  • GA-30*3 Series Heat Cure Rubber
Feature: Good resilience property, Excellent processability propertyin elastic silicone rubbers, Meet LFGB

Application: High-grade sealings, Placemat, Sprot seat

Typical characteristics

Product codeGA-3033GA-3043GA-3053GA-3063GA-3073
William plasticity140180200230260
Tensile strength(Mpa)5.59998.5
Tear strength(KN/m)1220202020


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