Electronic Rubber

Electronic rubber, also known as silicone electronic rubber, is a specialized form of silicone rubber that is used in various electronic applications. It possesses specific properties that make it ideal for electronic components and devices. Different types of silicone rubber formulations are tailored to meet the specific requirements of electronic applications.

The stability of silicone rubber materials is very suitable for the requirements of this industry. It is not only widely used in the insulation of wire and cable, but also widely used in electrical seals, shock absorbers, high-temperature potentiometer seals, etc. 

Application of electronic silicone rubbers:

1. Insulators for silicone wire circuits: 

Features: Lightweight, salt spray prevention, and dust pollution prevention.

2. Insulation sleeve and sealing ring of general potentiometer: Features: High bottom temperature resistance, aging resistance, and excellent electrical insulation.

3. Cable accessories, indoor and outdoor terminals, sheaths, etc.: Features: High tensile strength, high tear resistance, and small deformation at fixed elongation.

4. Conductive connectors of conductive silicone electronic and electrical equipment: 

Features: It can be closely attached to the contact surface, does not produce vibration, and receives input signals stably.

Electronic Rubber