• Composition of Silicone Rubber | Main Features and Uses of Silicone Rubber Products 20 2022.05 1. What is the composition of silicone rubber?The chemical composition of silicone rubber is silicon-oxygen. Silicone rubber means that the main chain is replaced by silicon and oxygen atoms. The sili... DETAILS
  • Processing Technology of Silicone Rubber 13 2022.05 1. MoldingThe molding process is mainly a production process formed by pressing molds in related machines, such as the production of silicone mobile phone cases, silicone ice trays, etc. The main prod... DETAILS
  • 8 Reasons Why Silicone Rubber is the Best Material for Medical Device Design 06 2022.05 Silicone materials are widely used, including industrial, medical and other fields. In the medical industry, silicone is often used as a medical device design material because of its unique properties... DETAILS
  • Method For Improving Heat Resistance And Flame Retardancy Of Silicone Rubber 27 2022.04 Heat-resistant silicone rubberHeat resistance is one of the remarkable properties of silicone rubber. Its high temperature resistance depends on the molecular skeleton of silicone rubber raw rubber is... DETAILS
  • Wide Application Of Silicone Products In The Medical Industry 27 2022.04 In the past 20 years, the global silicone rubber products have developed rapidly at a rate of more than 15% per year. At present, the global silicone rubber market has reached 6 billion US dollars. Af... DETAILS
  • Silicone Innovation 15 2022.03 An increasing number of industries, such as domestic appliance manufacturing, the nuclear industry and electronic OEMs require high-performance silicone foam solutions for critical applications. DETAILS
  • What Is HCR? 03 2022.03 HCR quality or high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber is used in the compression moulding press. Special silicone rubber materials are chosen based on their intended use, weather they need to be fire, oil or heat resistant. DETAILS
  • What Is LSR? 08 2022.02 ​Liquid Silicone Rubber with low compression set, fast cure cycles, great stability and ability to resist extreme temperatures of heat and cold can makes itself being ideally suitable for the high standard quality production application. DETAILS