Application and Characteristics of Silicone Rubber

Silicon rubber has unique comprehensive performance, especially its biocompatibility is a key feature

It has been successfully applied in situations where other rubbers fail, solving many technical problems and meeting various needs of modern industry and daily life. Silicon rubber, like other rubbers, can be processed into various profiles, rubber hoses, rubber strips, tapes, etc. Room-temperature vulcanized silicon rubber can be used for large-scale construction, which is convenient to use.

The application of silicon rubber in the automotive industry is rapidly growing

Silicon rubber (especially various characteristic silicon rubbers) can resist the corrosion of fuel and lubricating oil, improve the use performance of automotive parts, and reduce maintenance costs. It can be used for automotive ignition wires, spark plug protectors, heater and radiator hoses, muffler liners, battery connectors, oil pumps, etc. With the development of the automotive electronics, RTV silicon rubber is widely used as sealing materials for electronic components, electrical components, windshield, body seals, and mirror seals.

The electronic and electrical industry is a large demand field for silicon rubber as an insulating material

Silicon rubber products are mainly used for TV anode covers, high-voltage protective covers, high-voltage leads, refrigerator defrosting wires, power or signal transmission wire and cable, etc. Silicon rubber insulators will replace ceramic products and are widely used in transmission lines, especially high-voltage lines. Conductive silicon rubber is used for electrical contacts of electronic computers, telephones, and other instruments, and touchpoints of liquid crystal displays. Electric wires and cables made of flame-retardant and radiation-resistant silicon rubber are widely used in atomic power plants. Silicon rubber heating plates and heating belts are used to control the operating temperature of various precision instruments and oil pipelines, and are used as physical therapy heating blankets in medical care. Room-temperature vulcanized silicon rubber can be used as waterproof, moisture-proof, shock-proof sealing materials.

Due to its performance of resisting hot washing liquids, silicon rubber has been widely used in pump seals of dishwashers and washing machines

The advantages of silicon rubber are that it is very suitable for use as gaskets on coffee pots, deep fryers, and steam irons. Silicon rubber is used as ear pads and head pads for stereo headphones to eliminate external noise and provide soft comfort.

Silicon rubber is an indispensable high-performance material in the aerospace industry

Silicon rubber products can withstand ultra-low temperatures in space and the scorching heat when returning to the atmosphere, extending the life of aircraft components, reducing maintenance costs and accidents. They are mainly used for hole sealing, electrical connectors, sealing switches, dustproof and waterproof covers, gaskets, O-ring seals for jet engines and hydraulic devices, oxygen masks, control diaphragms, heat ducts, and radar wireless shock absorbers in aircraft bodies. Flame-retardant silicon rubber is suitable for covering rocket fuel valves, power cables, and rocket launch machine wells to avoid being damaged by large launch currents. Room temperature vulcanized silicon rubber can be used as airtight seals for aircraft bodies, window frame seals, shockproof and moisture-proof sealing materials.