What Is the Difference Between Medical-Grade Silicone Products and Regular Silicone?

In medical clinics, we often see various types of silicone products and accessories, such as medical silicone rubber tubes, blood oxygen monitoring finger pads, breathing silicone masks, needle silicone plugs, and silicone ropes tied to the hands.

Currently, the most widely used in the medical device industry, in addition to drugs, are medical devices. So why are medical silicone rubber accessories so popular?

The wide application of silicone rubber products in the medical field

The reason why silicone rubber products can receive extensive attention in the medical field is mainly related to the nature and structural characteristics of the products themselves. For example, silicone plugs used for medical drug sealing and packaging have certain elasticity, can still maintain the original sealing and airtightness after needle puncture, and cannot have debris falling. Originally, the characteristics of silicone rubber itself were difficult to meet the requirements of modern medicine, but they can be modified or certain reagents can be added to change their own shortcomings to meet the needs of applications in medical devices.

Currently, the two most widely used materials in medical devices are silicone rubber and polyurethane. Polyurethane has excellent biocompatibility, excellent mechanical properties, easy molding and processing, and controllable performance. Silicone rubber products have excellent physiological inertness, good biocompatibility and other advantages. These two materials have been discovered in medicine for a long time and continue to be focused and researched by industry insiders.

Silicone rubber products are based on linear polyorganosiloxanes with high molecular weight, with certain special components added, and are processed according to certain process requirements to make rubber-like elastic bodies with certain strength and elongation.

The medical silicone used as medical equipment has a series of excellent characteristics such as high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, hydrophobicity, flexibility, permeability, high aging transparency, good physiological inertia, no adhesion to human tissues and blood, good biocompatibility, non-toxic, tasteless, and non-carcinogenic.

Medical silicone rubber has excellent characteristics that ordinary silicone does not have

As a high-performance medical polymer material, silicone rubber has attracted the attention of professionals in both the rubber industry and the medical field. The reason is that the technical content of using silicone as a medical material is high, the cost is low, the added value is high, and the economic benefits are considerable. Using the medical properties of silicone rubber can solve many medical problems and make patients get satisfactory therapeutic effects.  Silicone rubber products  have a wide range of uses, are easy for silicone product manufacturers to produce, and have good social and economic benefits.

From the research and development trend of medical silicone rubber, its usage is increasing year by year, and its application is also expanding. Currently, medical silicone rubber can be used in various fields, such as neurosurgery, otolaryngology, thoracic surgery, abdominal surgery, internal medicine, urology, orthopedics, and plastic surgery.

Silicone rubber, as a high-performance biomaterial, is widely concerned by insiders in the rubber and medical fields. Currently, from the development trend of medical silicone rubber products and the demand in the medical device market, different product types and scientific technologies are expanding and improving. It is believed that in the future, more silicone rubber products will be put into various medical fields to meet the needs of different patients!