Safety Performance of Medical Silicone

With the continuous development of society, people's living standards are also constantly improving. Now both individuals and enterprises are considering ecological safety and environmental protection issues. Changes have also taken place in all walks of life, in the traditional manufacturing and industrial fields. Good results can only be obtained by using some products with good performance, except for traditional industrial fields, we cannot use our daily necessities. Green health cannot be less, but in some electronic equipment, the medical industry must also have silicone products. The application of medical silicone is so good, so the medical industry is so huge in the world.

1. At present, all walks of life need to use medical silicone products

Such as plastic surgery, the shaping material is made of silicone material, and can also be applied to certain organs of the human body, such as prosthetics and even internal organs. As far as human body silicone is concerned, it can be divided into liquid and solid. In addition to medical human organs, many or more equipment accessories on medical equipment are made of solid silicone rubber from silicone manufacturers. Some silicone sheets, tubes, etc. in hospitals are mainly used in medical applications. Low temperature, soft material, non-toxic and tasteless, easy to sterilize, no deformation, anti-drop, etc. In many hospitals, some traditional medical equipment is basically replaced by medical silicone materials.

2. In terms of use, medical grade silicone is mainly in direct contact with the human body, and can also be implanted in vitro and in vitro

Silicone products implanted in the body can be seen everywhere in our lives, such as silicone breast implants, rhinoplasty and prostheses. Silicone products, why use medical silicone in vitro? Because it comes into direct contact with certain parts of the human body, it can cause premature infection or prevent harm to infected patients and cause changes in body temperature, which can have other negative effects. When choosing silica gel, we must choose carefully, or the loss outweighs the gain.

For nearly 100 years, the application of silica gel has been widely used in the medical industry. In recent years, many new breakthroughs have been made in the development of medical grade silicone products. The functions used in the medical industry are also becoming more and more extensive. At present, in order to further study organosilicon human organs in many countries, in the next few decades, human organs may be directly applied to organosilicon materials. It is conceivable that the development status of organosilicon products and the relevance of the medical industry.

Medical grade silicone products are colorless, non-toxic, high temperature resistant, anti-oxidation, good flexibility, high transparency, and good compatibility, which can greatly reduce the incidence of deviation. Medical grade silicone products probably know more or less. Known as silicon prosthesis, it is generally used in cosmetic surgery and has good biocompatibility. Small stimulation to tissue, strong plasticity. In fact, the application of silicone products in the medical industry is not single, and it has also been fully applied in some organs of the human body.