GA-6071AHT series of Heat Cure Rubber (HCR)

GA-6071AHT series of HCR shows good heat-resistance. Post-cured HCR at 200 oC for 4 hours can be used for food contact applications.

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Features of GA-6071AHT series of Heat Cure Rubber (HCR)

  • GA-6071AHT series Heat Cure Rubber

Good extrusion property

Good heat-resistance

Pass the test of FT2 horizontal combustion


Heat resistant extruded wire

Cable for green energy car

Typical Characteristics

Testing item






Curing agent



Platinum complex

Curing condition



William plasticity

GB/T 12828-2006



Hardness (ShoreA)

GB/T 531.1-2008

1. 2

1. 2

Density (g/cm3)

GB/T 533-2008



Tensile strength (MPa)

GB/T 528-2009



Elongation (%)

GB/T 528-2009



Tear strength (kN/m)

GB/T 529-2008



Performance after aging at 200 oC for 10 days

Hardness (ShoreA)

GB/T 531.1-2008



Tensile strength (MPa)

GB/T 528-2009



Elongation (%)

GB/T 528-2009



Tear strength (kN/m)

GB/T 529-2008



Notes: 1. The data were obtained by testing a specimen of 2 mm thick made by compression molding at 120 oC for 10 minutes using 1.3% peroxide (DCBP) or platinum complex as curing agent. 2. These figures are only intended as a guide and should not be used in preparing specifications. Please feel free to contact Genvan salesperson if necessary.  

Application, coloring, modifying, mixing

Products can be pigmented and maintain the color of the pigment. Aging resistance and compression set performance can be modified by using additives of Genvan. Please contact the sales person or customer service of Genvan for more information about additives.


Storage & period of validity

When the sealed products are stored at or below 50 oC, the shelf life is 6 months from the date of production.

Comprehensive performance testing is needed if the products are out of the expiration date. It can be used only when meeting user’s requirements for the product specifications.


The products are weighed by standard measurement method and packaged by plastic film in 20 kg cardboard boxes. Samples are available.

Product safety information

This information does not include the information for how to use this product safely. Please read the material safety data sheet (MSDS) and the labels on product packaging container before operation. Users can download the MSDS by logging into or ask for it from Genvan sales person.

Limited warranty information - please read it carefully

♦ Based on the premise of good faith, the information provided herein should be believed to be accurate. However, as the condition and method of using Genvan product is beyond our control, this information cannot replace the relevant testing of the users to assure Genvan product safe, effective, and fully meeting the requirements for final application. The suggestions for using offered by us should not be deemed as the reasons for infringing any patent right.

♦ The only guarantee of Genvan is that all of our products have undergone the necessary tests before shipment, the test data conform to the requirements for leaving factory.

♦ Genvan emphasize that no promise for compensation for any indirect or incidental damage is provided.

♦ Due to the different testing conditions between Genvan and users, we cannot guarantee that we will get same testing results, users are advised to use their own test data under their testing conditions as the reference of product performance.

♦ Any of the above-mentioned performance data and recommendations for using is only the reference for the performance of Genvan products, instead of the guarantee for the validity or universality of Genvan products in a specific application.

♦ Genvan reserve the right to change the parameters of the product without further notice.


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