8 Reasons Why Silicone Rubber is the Best Material for Medical Device Design

Silicone materials are widely used, including industrial, medical and other fields. In the medical industry, silicone is often used as a medical device design material because of its unique properties. Here are 8 reasons that the silicone rubber for medical device applications is the best choice.

1. Silicon-oxygen backbone can provide excellent thermal stability

Silicone has excellent thermal stability, allowing the device to maintain key performance even after sterilization. Silicones can be sterilized by high temperature steam sterilization, ethylene oxide sterilization ( EtO), or gamma radiation.

2. Silica gel is an inert material

Silicones are generally inert to bodily fluids and medications, and have no odor. The chemical structure of silicones complies with USP Class VI and ISO 10993 standards.

3. There are not plasticizers or other organic additives in the silicone rubber

Plasticizers or other organic additives can negatively affect the delivered drug and, if present, have the potential to migrate into the drug solution. Silicone, on the other hand, contains no additives such as plasticizers or organic additives.

4. Silicone rubber is durable

Silicone rubber has good elasticity and recovery after puncture to reduce material fatigue. These key properties give silicone a long service life, even under dynamic stress.

5. Silicone rubber has a low modulus

Silicone requires minimal insertion force to improve smooth operation of the device - or easier assembly when combined with other components.

6. Silicone rubber can be formulated into various hardnesses

Silicone can be molded to a variety of hardnesses to accommodate either too hard or too soft materials, increasing the potential for improved ergonomics and comfort.

7. Silicone rubber has a good design aesthetic

Many silicone elastomers are inherently transparent and readily colorable.

8. Silicone rubber is easy to process

In addition to the comfort of hardness and aesthetics, silicone also offers a range of customization options by silicone rubber manufacturers. Materials can be applied to a variety of devices and designs, from infusion-type catheters to incision valves to breathing masks and more. Other customizable options include tensile strength, coefficient of friction, cure time and elongation. Click for Genvan's  high-durometer silicone, optical silicone rubber, high-temperature rubber, heat conductive silicone, etc.