What Are the Definitions of Medical Silicone Materials?

As the consumption market of liquid silicone gel becomes larger and larger, different liquid silicone gel products have replaced mechanical products that were not made of liquid silicone gel in various industries. In addition, liquid silicone gel has obtained official certification for food-grade, so medical grade silicone has also entered the medical industry. After all, liquid silicone gel products cannot be underestimated at the current level of development of medical technology. Today, let's talk about the definition of medical grade silicone materials.

Medical grade silicone is a widely used material

Medical grade silicone has various forms, such as liquid silicone gel oil, jelly-like silicone, foam silicone sponge, and elastic solid silicone gel. At present, solid silicone rubber is used more. Silicone gel has good biocompatibility, is not irritating, non-toxic, and has minimal allergic reactions and body rejection reactions on human tissues. It has good physical and chemical properties, can maintain its original elasticity and softness when it comes into contact with body fluids and tissues, and is a stable inert material that can withstand high temperatures, can also be sterilized, is convenient for processing and shaping, and easy to use.

Temperature resistance of medical grade silicone

China began research and application of medical grade silicone products in the 1960s, but a large amount of basic research and product trial work was still carried out after the 1970s. Especially in recent decades, research on medical grade silicone as a biocompatible material has made great progress, and many functional and series of medical grade silicone products have been put into clinical use.

Medical grade silicone materials also have temperature-resistant properties, with a temperature range of -40°C to 200°C. Their changes are relatively small when exposed to moisture or high temperatures, and even the silica generated by short-circuit burning is still an insulator, which ensures that electrical equipment continues to operate. Therefore, medical grade silicone materials have good physiological stability and can withstand repeated disinfection conditions, have excellent resilience, low permanent deformation, ozone resistance, UV resistance, radiation resistance, and other characteristics; special silicone gel has oil resistance.

As people pay more and more attention to health, the market capacity of medical devices is also becoming larger, and demand is growing rapidly. In fact, in order to meet the increasing medical needs, the research direction of liquid medical grade silicone mainly focuses on surface modification, blending modification, and application research. The material has good coagulation, good stability, good clinical usability, no allergic reactions, and its stability and performance are higher than ordinary silicone and food-grade silicone. That's all for this article. Do you now know the definition of medical grade silicone materials?