What is Liquid Silicone?

Clear liquid silicone, also known as liquid silicone, is relative to solid high-temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. It is a liquid rubber with good fluidity, fast vulcanization, safety and environmental protection, and can fully meet the requirements of food grade. Liquid silicone has excellent tear resistance, resilience, yellowing resistance, thermal stability, heat resistance and aging resistance, etc. Mainly used in infant products, medical supplies and electronic products.

1. Clear liquid silicone is safer and more environmentally friendly, and can fully meet food-grade requirements

According to the position of the functional groups contained in the molecular structure, the liquid rubber with functional groups is often divided into two categories: one is called telechelic liquid rubber with functional groups at both ends of the molecular structure; the other is active functional groups in the main chain. It is randomly distributed, that is, those with functional groups in the molecular structure are called non-telechelic liquid transparent silica gel. Of course, there are also those with both intermediate functional groups and terminal functional groups. At present, the focus is on research on telechelic liquid rubber. For liquid rubber, chain extenders or crosslinking agents with appropriate functional groups should be selected according to the active functional groups they contain.

2. The use of clear liquid silicone

Clear liquid silicone can be used for trademarks, products, pacifiers, medical supplies, coating, impregnation and perfusion, etc. It is used for molding molds of crystal glue, polyurethane, epoxy resin, etc., injection molding process, cake molds and other silicone products. It is widely used in the electronics industry as moisture-proof, consignment, insulating coating and potting materials for electronic components. Electronic components and assemblies play the role of dust-proof, moisture-proof, shock-proof and insulation protection. If transparent gel is used to encapsulate electronic components, it can not only play a role of shockproof and waterproof protection, but also can see components and use probes to detect component failures and replace them. The damaged silicone gel can be potted again repair. It can also be used to make product molding molds of materials such as gypsum, wax, epoxy resin, polyester resin, polyurethane resin and low-melting point alloys. Ceramics, toy industry, furniture, household appliances and electronic components industry replication, molding of plaster and cement materials, molding of wax products, manufacturing of models, molding of materials, etc.

3. Product characteristics of clear liquid silicone

Clear liquid silicone has excellent transparency, tear resistance, resilience, anti-yellowing, thermal stability, water resistance, good air permeability, heat aging resistance and weather resistance. At the same time, it has moderate viscosity, easy operation, and high transparency of the product. It can be seen whether there are defects such as air bubbles in the pouring material in the mold, the linear shrinkage rate is ≤0.1%, and the size of the replica is precise.

Liquid silicone can be stored for 6 months at room temperature. During use, water, impurities, organic tin catalysts of condensed silicone rubber, acids, alkalis and other organic substances containing sulfur, phosphorus, and nitrogen may affect the curing of the glue, and impurities should not be mixed during use.