An Introduction to the Medical Applications of Medical Silicone Hose

Understanding of Medical Silicone Hose

Medical silicone hose is a silicone hose used for medical and nursing purposes. It is required to be pure in texture, have minimal impact on human tissue, and not contain any substances that may affect drug performance due to migration. Medical silicone hose comes into contact with various drugs, human tissues, and biological organisms, and is often sterilized under high-temperature, high-pressure conditions, or in various organic disinfectants. Some also require long-term storage under low-temperature conditions, requiring strict requirements for the physical, mechanical and chemical stability of silicone materials. The characteristics of medical silicone hoses are good biocompatibility, good air permeability or selective air permeability, and excellent weather aging resistance and disinfection resistance.

Biocompatibility describes the interaction between biomedical materials and living tissues and is an essential requirement for medical materials. It includes blood compatibility, tissue compatibility, and biodegradation and absorption. It can change the method of drug absorption, control the rate and location of drug release, and fulfill the requirements of disease treatment. Non-toxicity and chemical inertness mean that the material itself is harmless and does not produce harmful substances.

In addition, medical silicone hoses should also have resistance to biological aging, physical and mechanical stability, easy processing and shaping, easy availability of materials, appropriate prices, and convenience of disinfection and sterilization. Moreover, harmful substances for human bodies should be prevented from being introduced during the production and processing of medical polymer materials. Before medical polymer materials enter clinical use, a comprehensive evaluation of the physical properties of the material, mechanical performance, and mutual adaptability between the material and the biological body or human body must be carried out. After evaluation, they can only be used in clinical use with the approval of the national regulatory department.

Application of Medical Silicone Hose in Medical Devices

Medical silicone hose is an important auxiliary material and means for rescuing and treating various cases as a catheter inserted into a certain part of the human body for a short period of time; for example, for patients with liver dysfunction or burns, intravenous catheters for fluid replacement, as well as urinary catheters, infusion hoses, pressure relief hoses, chest drainage hoses, middle ear ventilation tubes, gastric lavage tubes, and enema syringes, etc. It can also be used for the suction head of fetal aspirator. Many medical fields have adopted medical silicone hoses. The development trend of medical silicone hoses for use in the human body is miniaturization, thin walls, multi-cavity, and one tube for multiple purposes, such as being able to sample and test, as well as irrigation, infusion, etc.

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