High temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, also called HTV silicone rubber is mainly made of raw rubber, adding reinforcing filler and vulcanizing agent, vulcanized into various products under heating pressure.


Properties of HTV Silicone Rubber

  • Heat and cold resistance

  • Good mechanical properties

  • Good electrical properties

  • Good weather ability 

  • Good chemical resistance

  • Water repellency

  • Easy colouring

HTV Silicone Rubber FAQs

  • Q What's the Difference Between HTV Silicone and LSR?

    1)Different shapes: Liquid silicone rubber is in a liquid state with fluidity, while high temperature vulcanizing silicone rubber is in a solid-state without fluidity.

    2)Different fields of application: Liquid silicone rubber is generally used in baby products, kitchen products, and medical products, while high-temperature vulcanized is generally used in daily necessities, industrial sundries, and auto parts, with a wide range of applications.

    3)Different molding conditions: Liquid silicone rubber is divided into components A and B, and the two components are mixed for molding. when the high temp vulcanized silicone rubber is molded, the vulcanizing agent needs to be added for high-temperature molding.

  • Q What's the Difference Between HTV Silicone and HCR?

    HCR is high consistancy rubber for short and also called as solid silicone rubber or HTV. It is a kind of cellular polymer elastic material, with high temperature resistance, cold resistance, solvent resistance, adhesion resistance, electrical insulation, chemical properties and other characteristics.

  • Q What does HTV mean?

    HTV mean high-temperature-vulcanized , is a kind of silica gel product with common performance, and its high-temperature resistance is between 200 and 300 degrees Celsius.

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