What to Consider When Using Silicone Rubber in the Automotive Industry?

Many users are asking, can silicone rubber be used in the automotive field? Of course it can, this adhesive is suitable for use in many industrial fields, and the probability of its use in the automotive field is even higher. This is because its mechanical performance is very good and it will not easily deform even under great pressure. It also has certain heat resistance and oil resistance, and can be used normally in high temperature and high oil situations. Next, GENVAN silicone rubber manufacturer will take you to learn about the relevant knowledge of silicone rubber, let's take a look together!

Precautions for using silicone rubber in automotive field

Silicon rubber will be used in the automotive and other fields, but it cannot be used blindly. Specific construction environment needs to be considered to see if silicone rubber is needed; temperature and media resistance index also need to be matched, and environmental requirements are not high but cannot be too special. Cooperating with a reliable silicone rubber supplier is more reliable. It can not only focus on silicone rubber research, but also provide customized silicone rubber products application solutions, with a wide range of applications in industries such as new energy, military, medical, aviation, ships, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, and high-speed railways.

Heat resistance of silicone rubber

Generally speaking, the temperature resistance of silicone rubber is relatively good. It can be used normally in the range of 120℃ to 200℃. Even when working in a high temperature environment, it will not easily deform. This is because silicone rubber has good strength and can resist the erosion of high temperature and harsh environment, and can play a normal role. When choosing heat resistant silicone rubber, quality should be placed first. Good quality can bring out various performances and allow safe and reliable use. If low-quality adhesive is selected, not only the performance cannot be brought out, but it may also have a negative impact. After selecting the quality, consider factors such as price. Strive to buy cost-effective products. With the continuous improvement of silicone rubber quality, its scope of application is expanding. It can not only be used in the automotive field, but also in many other industrial fields. Please operate correctly to give it better performance.

Development and prospect of silicone rubber in automotive use

Although silicone rubber is widely used in automobiles, its amount of use is still relatively small compared to commonly used rubber varieties in the automotive industry such as natural rubber and nitrile rubber, because its low strength and poor solvent resistance limit its application in automobiles. Therefore, it is necessary to study high-strength automotive silicone and oil-resistant silicone rubber and reduce the cost of special silicone rubber in order to expand its use in automobiles. The rapid development of new materials, new formulas, and new processes for silicone rubber has improved the sealing, comfort, and vibration reduction performance of automobiles. With the rapid development of the automotive industry and the increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements for automobiles, the scope of application of silicone rubber in automobiles will inevitably continue to expand.