Silicone Rubber Medical Applications

Our broad portfolio of silicone elastomers for silicone rubber medical applications has been tested against biocompatibility standards. The distinctive properties of silicone elastomers – purity, clarity, strength – coupled with ease of processability, have resulted in their use in a broad range of medical device applications, for instance, medical grade silicone for casting, scars, molding and injections. Our silicone materials exhibit exceptional stability over a wide range of temperatures, lending themselves to use in applications requiring repeated sterilization performance. Typical applications include:

• Dental/surgical devices

• Fluid and drug delivery devices

• Septa / stoppers / laboratory accessories

• Medical tubing

• Dialysis o-rings

• Seals / o-rings / valves

• Respiratory/anesthesia

• Medical equipment keypads

Silicone Rubber Medical Applications