How to Distinguish Ordinary Silicone and Platinum Silicone Products?

In order to meet the development requirements of the silicone market, silicone products have become more and more demanding in terms of green safety and environmental protection standards. How to distinguish ordinary silicone products and platinum silicone products on the market? It is mainly distinguished from the molding process, application range, appearance and performance.

1. Distinguish ordinary silicone and platinum silicone products from the molding process

Ordinary silicone rubber and platinum silicone are prepared with different catalysts. In addition to ordinary silicone and platinum silicone, there are also medical-grade and food-grade silicone products, of which medical-grade and food-grade are more advanced. Ordinary silicone products are made of ordinary silicone raw materials through a vulcanizing machine. The products are non-toxic, odorless and have excellent performance in all aspects, but their fatal weakness is that with the growth of time, if the product is not maintained, it will turn yellow and hair. dark phenomenon. Platinum and food-grade silicone products do not have such problems. Platinum silicone products are processed by a two-component molding vulcanizer, and their performance is much better than ordinary silicone in all aspects.

2. Distinguish ordinary silicone and platinum silicone products from the scope of application

Ordinary silica gel is most commonly used in environmentally friendly industrial manufacturing supplies and accessories, while platinum silica gel, medical grade and food grade are widely used in fields with high safety and environmental protection levels such as medical and daily necessities.

3. Distinguish ordinary silicone and platinum silicone products in terms of appearance and performance

In the production of ordinary silica gel, the manufacturer considers the time and cost issues, and the vulcanization process is not very good, and there will be a large odor, low surface transparency, and dust on the surface. In terms of performance, it is due to its physical properties. In the case of extremely low and extremely high temperatures, the surface will appear yellowing or degraded and aging, which cannot achieve the effect required in the market. However, platinum silicone, food-grade and medical-grade silicone products can easily be avoided in these aspects.

Silicone rubber is one of the most important components of silicone resin. Due to its excellent properties such as high and low temperature resistance, electrical properties, weathering and aging resistance, and physiological inertness, it is widely used in electronics and electrical, automotive, aviation, aerospace, machinery, healthcare and consumer products. Adhering to the business philosophy of "Quality is life, technology seeks development", GENVAN continuously invests in key departments such as quality assurance and production, and has many modern manufacturing and testing equipment.