Non-post-curing Liquid Silicone Rubber

GA-200X series cure silicone rubber is an LSR developed to give excellent process performances. This product belongs to the GA-200X series which answers the needs of specific applications where high clarity, high mechanical properties, and short times are required. It is suitable for food contact and no need to proceed with the second stage vulcanization as well. High rheology, this product offers short curing times; however, this characteristic does not affect the pot lift of materials when components A and B are mixed together.

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Features of Non-Post Cure Liquid Silicone Rubber

  • Technical Data Sheet-GA-200X None Post Cured Series

Features & application:

The cure silicone is a two-component molding liquid silicone rubber, with excellent mechanical properties, excellent transparency, and anti-yellowing, especially has lower volatilization after molding  (VOM value within 0.5%), meet the LFGB test requirements. Cure rubber can be used for producing baby and child articles, medical articles, and so on.

Typical  Characteristics

Testing itemTesting standardGA-2002GA-2003GA-2004GA-2005GA-2006GA-2007
Hardness(Shore A)GB/T 531.1-2008203040506270
Tensile strength(MPa)GB/T 528-2009681010119
Elongation(%)GB/T 528-2009750700650550450400
Tear strength(KN/m)GB/T 529-2008122035404535
ProportionGB/T 533-20081.


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