What Are the Main Factors That Affect the Surface Stickiness of Silicone Products?

The surface of silicone products is very sticky when using silicone, it is easy to absorb dust and debris, and the surface feels sticky and oily. If this phenomenon occurs, then you must pay attention to your product. In an inappropriate environment, there was a reaction conflict that led to the deterioration of silicone products, and do you know what caused the sticky phenomenon of silicone rubber products? Several factors that lead to sticky silicone products are as follows:

1. The silicone oil diluted on the raw material of silicone rubber products is unstable

The silicone raw material itself contains a mixture of silicone oil and white mineral oil. White mineral oil and other compounds added to silicone oil can conflict with silica. Oil leakage has occurred, especially in different-use environments where the fine molecules of silica gel are affected by the environment, such as climate, liquid, force and other factors.

2. The lower the hardness of silicone rubber products, the more prone to oil leakage

Since different manufacturers of moulding silicone products have different suppliers of raw materials, it is impossible to determine whether the silicone oil added to their raw materials is standard, but the most common phenomenon is oil leakage. The probability is that the lower the hardness, the greater the oil displacement. Since the hardness ratio of the product is adjusted according to the proportion of silicone oil, all controlled hardness ranges also control the hardness of silicone oil.

Therefore, when excessive silicone oil is added to low-hardness silica gel, the structure of the silicon molecule will be severely damaged, and the tear resistance and tensile strength will deteriorate accordingly, thereby affecting the viscosity of the silica gel. However, the current technical level has been improved to a certain extent, and many silica gel raw material manufacturers will not mix hardness to destroy the silicon molecules of silica gel products.

3. In addition to the material, the viscosity also has a certain influence on the mould surface of silicone rubber products

Depending on the surface of the mould, its viscosity may also vary. At present, many silicone mother and baby products and silicone spoons are produced with high-gloss moulds. The produced product will naturally have a mirror effect, but this greatly improves the stickiness of the moulding silicone, so if the product has a high surface requirement, you can choose to make a matte or glossy surface and then perform surface treatment to make the product non-stick sticky effect.

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