• Industrial

    Silicone rubber has good weatherability and constructability and has a wide range of applications, such as in the construction industry. As an adhesive sealant, it has been widely used in the construction industry, surpassing other types of sealants.

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  • Medical

    Medical silicone rubber can be used in intravenous catheters, gastric tubes, urinary catheters, etc., with light damage and little irritation to the human body, and can be inserted into relevant parts of the human body for a long time and it has been widely used in the clinic.

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  • Automotive

    The automotive industry is defined by constant evolution. Finding ways to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions, while enabling improvements in safety and performance, are just some of the areas Genvan working on every day. As populations grow, and the globe economies develop and improve their transportation infrastructure, Genvan technologies help the world move forward with enhanced functionality, safety, and sustainability.

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  • Electronics

    Electronic silicone rubber is mainly used in the bonding, sealing and potting of electronic products.

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  • Domestic Products

    Because of its high and low-temperature resistance( which can be used at-40-230 degrees, is made of soft material, good stability, resistance to falling and deformation, non-stick to the pan, easy to clean, etc., and is widely used in daily life. Household silicone is a new breakthrough for traditional kitchen utensils, such as baking tray mats, cake baking trays, elastic baking trays, and baking tray molds...

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